I wish to discuss the aspects of “Opinions” I want my readers to have a better understanding of the objective of this blog. There will be a constant flow of articles, current news, politics etc. and you will have the opportunity to have your say, give your opinion and you must include bases for thatĀ opinion; in other words what evidence, what proof or principles do you base your opinion on; so many opinions are based on “hear-say,” “they said,” “I read somewhere;” this means you are merely repeating something that you have no valid evidence to support it, but it sounded good to you and you took it as truth.

Speaking of “truth” you have people under the opinion that there are no truths; oh boy, that’s a hot one; if there are no truths then we are a bunch of pitiful people that are just floating through a time and space with no significant meaning; some would have you to believe that truth changes; well I have a problem with that opinion, simply because truth is 100% and therefore there is no room for change or even a possibility of change because it is grounded in absolute. We will have a page discussion on this subject to give you the opportunity to express your opinion while allowing others to have their own.

I know that some issues are very emotional and sometimes we like to use adjectives or certain combinations of letters and symbols to express ourselves; however, the site is monitored 24/7 and all replies with inappropriate language will automatically be deleted.
Thank you so much for your opinion.

The “My Opinion Is” Team